Engine Parts

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products that maintain and improve the efficiency of their equipment, as well as offering an exceptional standard of customer service to match. 
We understand that Engines are the heart of your machinery or generators and as such are performance critical. With our experience, we know which brands to stock & supply ensuring savings without risk. 
Our range of engine parts include, but are not limited to; 
•    Pistons/ Liners
•    Piston Rings
•    Crankshafts 
•    Cylinder heads
•    Bearing
•    Oil and Water pumps
•    Coolers
•    Turbochargers
•    Manifolds
•    Drive belts
•    Gasket sets
We look forward helping you rebuild your Caterpillar , Cummins or Komatsu engine , please give us a call on 0098 21 26400131- 6 or email us at sales@partmorvarid.com